Rustheap MGB

Classic Cars

I’ve owned three classics, having come from a “Triumph family” I have owned two Spitfire 1500s, which were like go-karts to drive, causing a near permanent grin behind the wheel. The first, which was also my first car, needed to be sold as I could not afford to run it and go to university. I had pretty much rebuilt it a couple of years ago so it really was “my car” that was a difficult thing to get rid of, even in its poor state. Later, I bought a Mazda MX5 (or a gray import Eunos) – it was very reliable, handled well, but didn’t have the magic of my earlier cars.
Currently I feel like a bit of a traitor, I have bought an 1974 MGB GT (not the one in the picture – though mine was this colour at some point in its history!). I have driven this an exact two feet forward and two feet back, then it became apparent that the clutch that I’d just bled was still losing pressure. Queue replacement master cylinder…

As a disclaimer – I am just a chump on The Internet, armed with no training, a Haynes manual and anything I can find online, so if you follow anything here and something blows up/shears off/ belches oil over your nearest and dearest, you’re on your own.


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