Whole Universe

And then they’ll make a show after called Ascended Sheldon where he ascends above the mortal realm and it turns out he was the one who created the big bang.

He becomes the big bang.

He is the big bang theory.

And then the series Sheldon universe where the titular Sheldon is revealed to be everyone in the universe.

All Sheldon.

And then god will look upon Sheldon and see that he too is Sheldon.

The clouds are Sheldon.

The sky is Sheldon.

The ground is Sheldon.

All the subatomic particles are Sheldon.

The people laughing are Sheldon.

The sound waves coming from their laughing are Sheldon.

Abstraction itself becomes Sheldon.

The Meaning of Life is Sheldon.

Every nation comes into world peace after they agree on following one religion, and that is Sheldonism.

All concepts of meaning and worth are Sheldon.

All theories, ideas, Sheldon.

In Sheldonism it is customary to say grace before eating your meal consisting of Sheldon Cooper’s favorite foods on your Sheldon table with your Sheldon fork and knife.

As the great words of Sheldon say: “All ye who are lying before me are to be christened Sheldon, and for every Sheldon there shall be another Sheldon, for Sheldon is to denote every idea, and every concept is to bear the wise look of Sheldon Cooper himself.”

All words become Sheldon, all books, Sheldon, history and all historical figures and events, Sheldon

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